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Preparity is an EU based start-up company specializing in web-based e-learning solutions. Our business covers whole value chain from software development to content and marketing & sales.

About us

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We faced the same struggles you are facing right now when we first tried to get into consulting. After making it into McKinsey, however, we looked back and found that it was not quite the uphill battle we thought we were fighting.

We struggled severely because we did not know how and where to start, not because we lack knowledge or intelligence.

  • Well-structured, comprehensible set of materials that shows you exactly where to go
  • One-stop shop
  • All consulting veterans with intimate knowledge of the recruitment process

The main challenges lies not in the content, but rather the study approach and the lack of truly good prep materials.

About tests

Explore various types of screening tests

BCG Potential test

The BCG Potential Test is your ticket into the world of consulting careers. What is the test all about, and how can you ace it?

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Numerical reasoning test

Numerical Reasoning Tests are commonly used by employers in the assessment process today. The test aims to determine the candidate's ability to come at correct inferences with the given numerical data.

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Verbal reasoning test

Verbal Reasoning Tests are measure scales by which employers determine your level of comprehension of text information.

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Our product offerings include:

  • Self-paced tests training platforms
  • Solutions for booking and hosting virtual classes and training sessions
  • Natural Language Processing AI-based e-learning solutions

Our target industries are:

  • Business consulting
  • Medical and pharma
  • Engineering
  • Information technologies

Our mission is to help learners achieve their goals with the help of new cost-efficient technologies.

About us

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