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How do I unsubscribe from your emails?
How many times can I take the tests or selected questions?
How quickly does your support team respond to queries?
Can I practice tests on a Mac / laptop / smartphone / tablet, etc.?
I haven’t received a “welcome email” after registering. What should I do?
How do I change my password?
I lost my password. What do I do?
Can I access the tests without internet access?
How long can I access the tests and how many can I take?
How quickly can I access my tests?
When will I get access to my tests?
Do you have any shorter or longer plans?
I only need help with one test type. Can I get access to just one?
Do I get a discount if I refer others to sign up? Do you have any sort of affiliate program?
Can other people use my account?
Do you store any credit card details?
Will you automatically renew my premium access after it expires?
How do I sign up for a free trial? Will I be charged?
I found a mistake in one of your questions. What should I do?
Do you provide answers, as well as step-by-step solutions to the questions?
How difficult are the tests?
Can I try before I buy? Do you have any free tests? Where can I find sample questions?
Do you have any tips for success?
I have an invitation from a consulting firm to pass an assessment test. How do I find out what type of questions will be asked?
How much time should I spend preparing for my assessment tests?
What’s the best way to prepare for my test?
What are experience levels and badges?
Can I pause during a practice test?
What is Preparity?
When I can start practicing?
My test date is rapidly approaching. Can you help me prepare?
I have a busy schedule. Can I still take advantage of your test subscriptions?
How can I track my progress?
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